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New Century (Tianjin) Polyimide Films Insulating Materials Co.t LTD(Referred to NCPI), is a joint venture between China and the United States, Which has leading level in insulating materials industry and science & technology in china. The company is located in Tianjin Jinnan Balitai Industrial Park, the area of factory is 23600 square meters, the staff 98 people, the annual production capacity of 200 tons of polyimide films with various specifications. The company has strong management foundation and the technical strength, the main equipments including production, research and development, testing and process technology were introduced from the European and American countries, and has perfect product quality assurance system and advanced test means. NCPI develop and produce of NCPI brand corona resistance polyimide film( CR Type)and corona resistance polyimide film F46 composite adhesive tape (CR Type),which is not only having the common type polyimide film resisting high or low temperature and electrical insulation and bonding resistance and resistance to medium radioactive and resistance to chemical properties of strong characteristics, but also having super corona resistance performance and good thermal conductivity when applying to electromagnetic sintering wire wound after the bag, the sintering mica tape, large coil of outer insulation layer corona resistance etc. and resistance to heat class of corona resistance polyimide film (CR type )reaching or above H Class level(Allowed working temperature is above 180X3). NCPI brand corona resistance polyimide film and corona resistance polyimide film F46 composite adhesive tape (CR type) has close or achieved the international similar product level in the main technical index. At present, NCPI brand polyimide films widely used in the traction motor, the wind generator, high frequency high voltage motor, special motor inter-circle insulation and main insulation, dry construction industrial frequency high voltage transformer, high frequency and high voltage electronic transformer, mica tape, large coil of outer insulation layer corona resistance, wind power cable, large motor with frequency conversion motor cable. Cable for Oil including electrical submersible pump and deep well,and chemical industry. The latest development of CR type polyimide films silicon tape, CR type polyimide film series products and CR type mica tape has been choosed and used in the domestic and foreign many large enterprise.CR type series of polyimide films products with even thickness and mica content high and good corona performance, are main applicable to traction motor and the wind generator, coal mine motor, insulation of the motor coil in the oil field, and meet heat resistance level of 200 grade or C class motor requirements. NCPI can supply all kinds of CR type polyimide films with less or moderate or many glue according to customer's requirements. NCPI brand series of polyimide films have complete specifications and high quality, and can produce various specifications of the products according to customer demand. NCPI brand low temperature polyimide film thermoplastic composite adhesive tape can be sintered in 120 SC to 150 *C . NCPI has been through the GB/T19001-2008 / IS09001-2008 quality management system, GB/T28001-2001 occupational health and safety management system, and GB/T24001 2004 / IS014001-2004 environmental management system certification. The main products has been through the American UL laboratory safety authentication and the European Union ROHS and Reach environmental authentication.




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